CRAMAT – Smart eGovernance and Process flow suite

CRAMAT is a mobile app based technology solution to track and monitor field operations in real time. A very powerful tool to make city management operations efficient and smart.


-Tracking and monitoring of operations in trustworthy and efficient manner even in remote areas.
-Tracking of assets spread over long distances where personal supervision is very difficult.
-Created for Indian conditions from ground up. Handles slow 2G, no internet situations very well.
-Real time monitoring and feedback to field teams from control center.
-Effective supervision of large number of teams spread out over long distances.
-Highly customizable and can be extended for any use case in field operations.
-Integrates very well to other applications through programmable APIs.


-CRAMAT Tracking & Monitoring System captures tamper proof pictures, locations and timestamps of works in progress.
-Field Officers can add evidence of the progress status in the form of pictures and location maps which are timestamped.
-Monitoring of physical progress can be done from anywhere by looking at the pictures and other parameters.
-Very clean UI and easy to use app, just 3 clicks to send a field report including picture, location map, time, category of the problem and remarks.


CRAMAT – Smart City Solution

Progress tracking of field work ensures zero misreporting

Any type of construction and maintenance works can be monitored

Real time monitoring and support ensures much better output

Ensures efficiency and compliance of norms eg proper uniforms, equipment etc

Geotagged Pictures

It works using high security geotagged pictures to capture highly trust worthy and accurate field data.