Digital Transformation Architecture

Data is the new oil and IOT is the new Internet. All said and done. How does organisations cope up with growing demands of their employees and their customers for more efficiency, productivity and Experience. Digital architecture for any vertical or domain has now one common, critical component : DATA.
Merkado’s 8C of Data model is the architecture foundation for creating and establishing Digital disruption.

Data Cycle has 8 key C’s which need to be understood and any digital transformation architecture has to embed these 8Cs to have effective scalable and modular architecture approach

Connect : – Connecting multiple devices, Sensors, systems, application in real time

Collect : – Data to be collected in real time

Collate : – Protocol conversion, correction or creating interoperable data models

Compute : – all about Analysis of data

Conserve : – Saving frequently required so as to reduce cycle time

Communicate : – data resulting into info to be communicated to concerned stakeholders in real time

Consume : – no point collecting and analyzing data if we don’t use it

Change : – Change the only constant, these 8 steps result in changing the way we work, play, live or interact.

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